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No Way to Escape

Sooner or later, everyone will get inflated by Covid. The question is how to survive it.

Factors that increase your chances of surviaval

  • Being young
  • Being fit
  • Being vaccinated
  • Knowing what to do
  • Acting fast

As of the beginning of January 2022, 80% of the population in Denmark was fully vaccinated 50% had a booster, but it did not stop COVID. The country reported quarter million active cases on January 11, 2022. So in reality vaccinated or not you will get Covid. A more important question is will you survive it.

As statistics show the majority of young adults overcome the disease quite easily. In reality for some age groups, H1N1 is more deadly than Covid. So if you are young you have great odds of overcoming Covid. Nevertheless, we do not control our age but we can improve our chances based on the other factors.

CDC reports that “Having obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection”. (https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/obesity-and-covid-19.html). Obesity also is associated with Diabetes, Hypertension, and many Hearth diseases. All of which are additional risk factors for negative Covid outcomes. Thus, watch your diet. Sometimes I wonder what the Covid outcomes could have been if we all committed to eating healthy and living an active life for the past 2 years at least. So next time you want to have that ice cream, cake, or other food addiction you have, just think: “Do I really need this?”

Vaccines also have shown a negative correlation with Covid-related mortality. However, do not expect to not get Covid if you are vaccinated. Covid vaccines give your body better chances to fight the disease when you get it.

Finally, know what to do and act fast. Some treatments have shown very good outcomes, especially if started at the early stages of disease progression. Talk to your doctor about the available options ASAP. My personal favorite among the available options is monoclonal antibody treatment. Comment below what helped you!

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