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Mask or No Mask

Masks, if used correctly, can slow down the spread of viruses including Coronavirus. There are two important messages here. First masks do not prevent the transmission of a virus from one individual to another they just slow it down. Second, masks only work is used correctly and professionally, which is not the case for the majority of people. I especially do not think that children can wear masks according to the guidelines. They are simply kids and they do not care and, in reality, they should not.

Adults are no better at wearing masks correctly. Next time you are shopping please observe people around you. Most of them touch their masks every 3-4 minutes. Some actually stick their hand inside the mask and rob nose, since it gets itchy under the mask and, of course, no one washes hands after that. They just keep shopping and touching everything with their hands. I really do not know what is better walking in the store without a mask or misusing the mask as described above. What do you think about the effectiveness of masks in stopping the spread of Coronavirus when the appropriate mask-wearing rules are not followed and in reality cannot be imposed? Express your opinion below.


If correct guidelines for wearing masks cannot be enforced, the mask mandates are useless

There is also a psychological issue. Imagine someone has COVID with mild symptoms. He can falsely assume that wearing a mask will stop the transmission of the virus and will not quarantine, but rather will wear a mask and do usual daily activities spreading the virus all over.

Finally, not all masks have the same efficiency, and the efficiency of simple face covering is quite questionable.

Thus, my reality-balanced conclusion is: masks cannot help to reduce the spread of a virus unless all the guidelines of how to use them can be enforced completely.

Dr. G.

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